I hope you all had a good Christmas break, and are back in the swing of 2015! Here at Giselle Academy, we went straight into a very busy term, with our Senior Drama production of Avenue Q and Junior Drama production (joined by Diddy Drama) of Honk! Both productions were excellent, showing some great talent coming through the school. Well done to all teachers and pupils for your hard work. Not forgetting Tony, Duncan and Karen’s amazing scenery and quick turnaround from one set to another!

We have also stepped up a level on class work, in preparation for the forthcoming exam session. Please ensure your child is getting to all their lessons, including the extra ones. This is vital to allow your child to gain the best result they can from their exams. They will feel a great sense of achievement knowing they have challenged themselves and worked to the best of their ability – an important part of building confidence and, of course, improving standards.

Our 6 week Ballroom and Latin dance taster is in full swing! We hope to provide further courses, so keep an eye out for these.

Please take time to read this newsletter, putting any important dates in your diary.


Exams are nearly upon us, so if your child is taking an exam, please take note of the following:

  • Timetables are on the board, so please check times.
  • Candidates are required to arrive ONE HOUR BEFORE time on timetable.
  • Full uniform is compulsory. If you are unsure, please see Fleur in the shop. Please note: Primary Tap wear the turquoise leotard – not the plum!
  • There is a sheet in pink shelves by noticeboard called Frequently Asked Questions. This is for your information, so please take one.
  • We can do your child’s hair for their exam. Please bring hair coloured elastics, hair pins and grips, bun net, spray or gel, brush and comb.
  • Please ensure ballet exam candidates have clean or new ballet socks/tights for their exam, and that all uniform is clean and fresh.
  • No jewellery, make-up, tattoos, nail varnish is permitted in exams.


ISTD Have brought in new uniform and we are changing over to this gradually, ready for the summer exam session. Please ask in the shop for details.


Again, we have changed our uniform to the ISTD regulation leotard and shorts. This is compulsory for the February/March exam session.


Demi Morley: Offered a place at Performers College, and on reserve for Bird College
Amy Browne: Offered a place at The Centre Performing Arts with guaranteed scholarship.
Beth Relf: Offered a place at Laine Theatre Arts, and offered a scholarship on the day at Bird College.
Sam Wright: Offered a scholarship on the day at Bird College.
Tommy Hare: taken lead role in a short feature film being made in Portsmouth.


Some of our senior pupils are working hard preparing for the Janet Cram Awards, Imperial Ballet Awards and Star Tap Awards. We wish you all good luck!


We are still waiting for the timetable to arrive from LAMDA for the singing exams, so keep an eye on the noticeboard for these.


A music exam session is being planned for the summer term, and letters will be given out after Easter to those pupils who are eligible.


Junior and Senior Drama and Glee Club are already working on their next production of A Night at the Musicals. This is planned for the 1st and 2nd May 2015, so put this date in your diary.


Please ensure your child has her hair tied up in a neat bun for dance lessons. Teachers are repeatedly having to spend time sorting out loose hair in classes. I have now told the teachers that if a pupil’s hair is not put up neatly, they should send them to reception where they will do the child’s hair. If your child does not have hair accessories, these will be taken from the shop and an invoice will be given to the parent!

Please also ensure your child has the correct uniform for their class.

Grooming and self-discipline is an integral part of a dancers training, as well as a health and safety issue. Loose garments can cause a dancer to trip over, and a pony tail or plait can cause damage if it flicks into the eye. Similarly, jewellery should not be worn in class, as it could get caught or scratch another dancer.

Important Dates

3rd to 7th August 2015

10th to 15th August 2015

Details of both summer schools will be available shortly.

Term ends: Thursday 2nd April at 9pm
Commences: Monday 13th April at 9am
Summer term ends: Saturday 25th July

Many thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter.

Catherine Ingram

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